Character Development

The Student Department committee believes strongly in students-centric, values-driven education, as such we make deliberate effort in making this happen in school through key programmes, learning journeys and enrichments.


The department aims to deliver the CCE curriculum in meaningful ways by employing different teaching approaches in the delivery of CCE lessons including role play, discussions about current issues and case studies involving moral dilemmas. We aim to inculcate the 6 core values of R3ICH(Respect, Responsibility, Resilience, Integrity, Care and Harmony) in our students as we believe that it is not cognitive skills alone, but these essential character traits that will enable our students to succeed.

Form teachers conducted weekly lessons based on the CCE Guidance Modules -Education and Career Guidance (ECG), Sexuality Education and Cyber Wellness (CW) which aims to address students’ social-emotional and developmental needs. 


As values are both caught and taught, the department plan and implement a range of activities that enable our students to live the values which they have learnt in the classrooms.

Teachers planned lessons to enable students to put their Values in Action (VIA) in real-life situations. Students progress through different levels in situations involving the home, school, the larger community, the nation, and the world. Because these were real situations with real people and real consequences, students learnt how to see from different perspectives and make responsible decisions. This year, we see different cohorts of students engaging in different VIA projects including the organising of National Day Carnival, Car Boot Sales, visits to welfare homes and service learning to Ho Chi Minh City.

National Day Carnival (Sec 1 Cohort)

Contribution to the School

The Secondary One students’ efforts paid off as Canberra celebrated National Day in a big way with the successful National Day Carnival 2013.

After two grueling trial runs, there were 16 exciting games stalls - 2 from each Secondary One class. The earnestness and colourfully decorated stalls, not to mention, attractive prizes made the “$1 for 3 tries!” a roaring success!

All profits go to the FAS fund!

Visits to the elderly homes (Sec 2 Cohort)

Contribution to the larger community

Continuing from their initiative last year, the Secondary 2 cohort showcased their hearts and passion by visiting SWAMI Home and Sree Narayana Mission Home. They not only talked to the elderly, but they played racket ball, performed a song-and-dance segment and donated items that they thought would be of use to the elderly.

Student-Initiated Paying-it-Forward Campaign (Sec 4 Cohort)

Contribution to the Community

The Paying-it-Forward Campaign is a student-initiated VIA campaign for the Secondary 4/5N cohort. After their years in school, it is their time to be active citizens and social entrepreneurs!

4N1 did their part at Swami Home during CNY to usher in the new year with the residents there, 4N2-4 helped their neighbourhood by collecting newspapers and clothing around the Sembawang community and the 4E5N started their very own Picking-Up- Litter campaign.

Canberran’s Can! Campaign (School-Wide)

To show that Canberra Sec has a responsibility to and empathy for the less fortunate, the school ran the Canberran’s Can! Campaign where we spent two rigorous weeks collecting non-perishable food items to give to the poor.

Student Leadership

The school design its leadership development programme for students and student leader based on the guiding principle that every Canberran will be able to develop and manifest the identified SEL competencies, leadership attributes & skills.

Through the Student Council, Class Committee, CCAs, Peer Support Leaders (PSL) and school programmes, students are given leadership development opportunities through the various leadership positions created. The student leaders’ leadership potential is nurtured in alignment with the school’s values. All students are exposed to basic leadership skills through the Sec 1 and Sec 2 camps and their CCAs. Differentiated training is organised for the student councillors, classroom leaders PSLs and CCA leaders; and workshops are organised for the class committee leaders to further develop their leadership skills at a progressive level as follows:

Sec 1    - Self-leadership

Sec 2    - Peer leadership

Sec 3    - Project Leadership

Sec 4/5 - Team Development

The 12th Student Council Executive Committee members were elected after a canvassing campaign in school to reach out to the student body. To equip the student leaders with leadership skills on a progressive developmental scale, they undergo training conducted by Acorn Consultancy on Communication Skills and Effective Leadership during the Student Council Camp.

The 12th Student Council led fellow student councillors in the planning and organising of other school events (e.g. Investiture, Teachers’ Day, Council Camp). They were also involved in ushering distinguished guests during our own Canberrans' Day Celebration.

They were also involved in the National fight against Dengue Fever by undergoing training by NEA and then reaching out to the residents in Canberra Walk RC in collaboration with Jelutong CC by distributing Mozzie Wipeout goodie bags and messages.

In March 2013, a group of 24 Secondary Two and Three Student leaders participated in the Global Canberran Program Adventure and Service Learning Trip to Chiang Mai which developed their leadership skills and fostered bonding amongst them.

In line with Singapore Kindness Movement, the Friend of Singa (FOS) student ambassadors recognised the effort and hard work of the unsung heros who keep our school safe and clean by organising an assembly to create awareness amongst all Canberrans on the challenges that they faced in keeping Canberra safe and clean. The ambassadors also provided them with a hamper and breakfast to thank them for their contributions.

Currently, Student Councillors are given more opportunities to reach out to the student body and to hear their voices through the inception of the Student Suggestion Scheme whereby all students are encouraged to put forth suggestions and ways to improve the school environment. The school councillors are also tasked to encourage their fellow classmates to put forth their suggestions.

The councillors also initiated the set-up of booth and song dedication counters to promote Friendship Day in school to encourage the student body to pass on goodwill to one another.

In addition, the CCA Council will also hold the inaugural Best CCA Noticeboard Competition in September 2013 to  give due recognition to well-maintained and "well-dressed up" CCA boards.

This year, Secondary Three Student Councillors and CCA leaders are also given the opportunity to attend the Outward Bound School Camp at Pulau Ubin in September and Bilateral Camp to Indonesia in November to meet fellow student leaders from overseas to bond together.

The Secondary Two student councillors are also involved in a "Funtastic" Programme with the at-risk students from Endeavour Primary School where they become their buddies in a series of exciting and interesting programs.

All in all, these programs helped to put them in good stead for the future by developing confident, responsible and self-directed student leaders.

National Education

National Education Programmes which aims to develop a strong sense of citizenry amongst our students provide meaningful experience for our students as they commemorate the NE days such as the Total Defence Day and National Day programme for the school. Through the programme, the school aims to develop a strong sense of nationhood through relating the importance of every citizen’s part in Total Defence and sharing the roots and history of Singapore. During the National Day celebrations, there was also an inter-class games tournament, run by the PE department, to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle, as well as to promote bonding between the teachers and students.

At each level, there is a different focus. For the Sec 1s, the focus is for them to acquire the knowledge about the NE events. At Sec 2, they will be acquiring skills in the process of learning about the NE events. For the Upper Sec students, the focus is for them to lead in the activities, and also assist in organising the NE events. The first NE event of the year, Total Defence Week was commemorated in the form of a sketch put up by Singapore Discovery Centre, and CCE lessons were about how Singapore faced up to adversities like the Hotel New World Collapse. For the upper Sec students, they learnt more in-depth about the Singapore Armed Forces efforts in Afghanistan. For International Friendship Week, the students were treated to a play by Act 3 International to learn how one can be gracious, especially in our interaction with foreigners. During the CCE lessons, students came up with symbols to symbolise friendship, and from the interview session with the foreign students and teachers in the school, students had a better understanding of the challenges faced by them. Racial Harmony Week was full of events. Students learnt about the various races, and the meanings of the ethnic costumes behind them. Besides the play put up by Singapore Discovery Centre, the school population was also treated to delicious ethnic food prepared by the canteen vendors and also by the PSG. Students also had fun taking pictures with their friends and teachers in their ethnic costumes. Lastly, National Day was celebrated with an observance ceremony in the morning and a inter cohort National Day singing competition, followed by a carnival whereby there was the sale of foodstuffs by the alumni. The highlight of the carnival was the game stalls set up by the Sec 1 students. All proceeds went towards the needy students’ school fund. Besides that, in order to infuse NE into the lives of the students, a CSS NE facebook was started and information pertaining to NE were posted periodically.

Student Recognition

The school believes in ‘Catch you Doing Good’ and places strong emphasis on Student Recognition. Publicly recognising our students’ accomplishment can benefit their learning and as well as overall school climate. Therefore, the school holds monthly celebratory assemblies where achievement of students are publicly recognized and applauded. Students’ achievements and performances are also highlighted on the notice boards along the school’s walk-way. With the use of ‘Good Conduct Cards’, the students are rewarded with stickers for their good effort in exemplifying the school values. This year, the school introduced our Canberra Bears who donned our School PE t-shirt with the school values.

Career Guidance

Career Guidance committee aims to increase students’ self and career awareness through a series of lessons and activities. Career Guidance lessons include personality tests, career talks, visits to open houses and attachment programs etc. We hope to help students explore their post-secondary options and make informed decisions upon graduation.

Canberra Secondary School held our Career Awareness Week in Semester One with the purpose of exposing our students to the post-secondary options and careers. Various programmes were planned such as the Career Talk by the different institutions for our graduating students; exhibition booths set up by various institutions for Secondary 1 to 5 students. Students also went through CCE lessons where they learnt about the significance of ‘career’ and the importance of having dreams and aspirations through a series of games and activities. Nanyang Polytechnic School of Business also set up a Business Interactive booth along the foyer walkway with quizzes and games during lunch hours to furnish more information to interested students. A speaker from Resort World Sentosa provided the Secondary 3 students with insights to the career opportunities and overview of the work behind the scenes.

A course advising session was set up by Nanyang Polytechnic in Semester Two for graduating students. Students had the opportunity to speak to lecturers from the different schools, to understand what the various courses entail and what some of the career paths upon graduation are. This platform allows students to deepen their understanding of the requirements of the courses they are interested in and work towards their target.

Through these activities, the Career Guidance Committee hopes to fulfil its objective to enhance students’ career journey by creating an awareness of the link between academic studies and one’s career.

Learning Journeys and Enrichment

Cohort 1

Sec 1 Discovery Camp / Sec 1 CCA Open House

On 2nd to 4th January 2013, the Sec 1 students had 3 days 1 night Discovery Camp. The objectives of the camp were to foster bonding and camaraderie among students as a class and cohort and encourage them to embrace the school values.

There were many activities planned for them such as team-bonding games, kite-making & flying, mass dance as well as a ‘Basic Management’ Workshop by Acorn Consultancy. Through these activities, it helps to develop basic leadership potential and team-spirit of each child. The structured activities also introduced problem-solving skills which benefit the students in the new environment.

The students enjoyed the activities and had the opportunity to get to know new friends and their form teachers. 

The students also had an opportunity to walk around the CCA Fair to learn more about the different CCAs offered by the school. They were able to ask questions to help them in their CCA selection.

On the 4th of January, Sec 1 parents were invited for an Induction Programme/ CCA Talk where the school shared the academic, CCE and CCA programmes with the parents. The parents were also encouraged to build positive partnership with the school for the child’s holistic development.

The Sec 1 Discovery Camp ended with a campfire with a cheering competition and a mass dance.

Adam Khoo Workshop

On 28th May 2013, Sec 1 cohort attended a Learning Style Workshop by Adam Khoo.

The objectives of the workshop were for the students to understand the 4 types of learners and help them identify their own Learning Preference. At the same time, the students will be able to develop better teamwork with people of diverse learning styles.

The facilitators were motivating, animated and able to link the lectures to real-life class situations. There were a mixture of games and lectures to keep the students engaged for the 3 hour workshop.

Cohort 3

The Sec 3 Cohort students started the year with a 4-hour Learning Style workshop where they had the opportunity to get to know more about their own learning style and how to leverage on the strength of their learning style to enhance their learning in school. The objective of introducing this workshop earlier in the year is to better prepare them for the National examinations in the coming year as they were also exposed to the various learning techniques to better retain the knowledge acquired as well as how to cope with the demands of the various subjects. The 4-hour long workshop also had elements of motivational talk so as to encourage the students to do well academically throughout the year.

Academics aside and to ensure the well-being of our students, the sec 3 students had a fun-filled trip to Sentosa after their SA2 examinations in May. This was the time where the students let their hair down and enjoy the full-day activities with their classmates and form teachers. At the end of the day, everyone was tired but the bond and memories they shared had brought everyone closer together.

Cohort 4

Students from the Secondary 4/5 cohort are geared toward the preparations of their National Examinations. To support the students in their preparations, the following enrichment programmes and learning journeys have been organised for the students.

  1. Motivational cum Study Skills Workshop by Adam Khoo Learning Technologies.

The graduating cohort students attended a 3 full day motivational cum study skills workshop entitled “I am Gifted” from 4th Feb 2013 to 6th Feb 2013. In this workshop, students were engaged in meaningful activities that helped them create self-awareness of their strengths and weaknesses, make smart goals, understand their learning styles and learn study skills that would complement their learning styles.

The students also underwent an emotional session entitled “A Hero’s Journey”, where they were engaged in thought provoking and emotionally deep reflection. This session was well-received by the students, with many of them realising how negatively they have lived their lives thus far and how they can make amend to their behaviours and attitudes for the future in order to live a more positive life filled with gratitude and happiness. 

As mentioned earlier, students were also imparted with a variety of study skills like whole brain note making, mind-mapping and super memory. These skills were exemplified across the different subjects, thus equipping the students and jumpstarting their preparations for the upcoming National Examinations.

The workshop came to a closure with a two hour session with the parents who were equally engaged as their children. In this session, parents understood their children better and how their positively intended actions like frequent “nagging” and reminders for studying were affecting their children in a negative way. The session ended with sharing by the students, which was truly an emotional and heart-warming one. Beautiful memories of mended relationships between parents and children were made and all present for the session left on a high note, with a positive, opportunity filled future ahead with positive learning experiences.

  1. Booster Sessions and Motivational Talk by Adam Khoo Learning Technologies

As a follow up to the workshop, three booster sessions were conducted for the students at strategic timings with different objectives in mind. The first session was conducted after the Continual Assessment and a month before the Preliminary 1 Examinations and the second booster session was carried out after the Preliminary 1 Examinations. In these sessions, the students reflect upon their Continual Assessment Results and think of challenges they face and strategies to overcome those challenges. They also reflect upon the skills they were imparted with and voice out their concerns in implementing the skills in their revisions.

The third session was conducted after the Preliminary 2 Examinations. This session was attended by a small group of 80 students selected by the Form Teachers, who identified these students to have the urgent need for additional help and a great morale and motivation boost. The trainers tailored the session to meet the needs of the students and equip them with the necessary boost for the upcoming National Examinations.

The students were given the final boost for their National Examination in a Motivation Talk conducted on 4th Spetember 2013 and 25 September 2013. Conducted by Adam Khoo himself, the talk gave the students the necessary morale lift and motivation to give it their best for the last lap.

  1. Learning Journeys to Polytechnics Open House

Students were brought on a Learning Journeys to the open houses of the various polytechnics in the 1st week of Term 1. In this learning journeys, students get to explore first hand on the available courses offered by the polytechnics and and interact with the lecturers and students to know more about the requirements and demands of their choses courses.

  1. Career Guidance Talks by Polytechnics

Lecturers from the Nanyang Polytechnic conducted a Career Guidance Talks for our students on 26 August 2013. Students pre-selected the course session they would want to know about, the student were enriched with the necessary requirements and demands of the courses in Nanyang Polytechnic. This talk gave them ample opportunity to have their queries addressed in a more detailed and course specific presentations.

  1. In-house Revision Planning Workshop

In term 3, the students went through an in-house Revision Planning workshop, where the students were taken through a hands on revision planning task where all the intricacies of revision planning were discussed. Conducted by the Cohort Manager, the students had to devise their own revision plan for 2 subjects and implement the plan. The form teachers followed up with the students by giving their feedback on the students’ revision plan and engaging them in discussions during CCE Lesson on the challenges faced in the implementation of their revision plan.

Students found the workshop useful and timely and some of them had not got down to the actual planning for their revision and the workshop had given them step by step detail guidance in planning for their revision.

  1. In-house Stress Management Workshop

As the students approach the stressful period of preparing for their Preliminary and National Examinations, a stress management workshop was conducted on 22nd August 2013 by the cohort manager. The workshop consisted of a fun-filled physical work out, where students enjoyed themselves by letting their hair down doing comical aerobic moves to the beats of ethnic music. This was followed by a cool down session coupled with deep breathing exercises. Students were exposed to deep breathing techniques with range from normal breathing to controlled deep breathing with awareness. The workshop came to a close with a meditation exercise where students were engaged in imagery form of meditation to help them relax in the stressful situations they will be experiencing during the course of preparations.

  1. Exams Survival Kits

As part of their stress management, the students were given an Exams Survival Kit on the 5th September 2013. This kit personalised with the students National Exams entry proofs and it is completed with the necessary stationery for the upcoming exams along with some food items such as Milo packets, soup packets, biscuits, energy boosters such as chocolates and vitamin C sweets and a stress ball to counter exam stress.

With this kit, an important message is imparted to the students on the upcoming examinations. Through the exam kits, the school wants the students to give their best for the upcoming national exams and want them to know that the school will always be there to support them academically and emotionally. 

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