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Total Defence Week

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The school commemorated Total Defence Week from 10th – 14th February 2014. The students participated in various experiential activities through the week.

One of the main highlights was the simulation of the food shortage crisis during World War II. Only sweet potato porridge and mineral water were sold to students and teachers during recess on one of the days. On that same day, there was also a simulated experience of no fans/air conditioning in the classrooms for one hour. These experiences helped to foster a sense of empathy in the students towards the hardships that their great-grandparents went through. 


Health Nexus -Sports Picnic @ Sentosa

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On 22 February 2014, members of Health Nexus assembled early in the morning at 6.50am outside Canberra Community Club. They were there to give support and participate in the inaugural Sports Picnic @ Sentosa organized by the Canberra Community Club for the residents and youths of this ward.

Upon arrival at the CC, we were greeted by the many residents who had signed up for this event. Everyone was excited to get going. Once the event had been declared open by Dr Lim Wee Kiak, the eager participants boarded the waiting buses which would ferry us to our destination – Palawan Beach.


Library Club’s Quarterly – Of Print-to-Screens and Fish Balls & Sausages

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Our Library Club has organized several activities to encourage more people to visit Cosmix and increase readership of young adult books.  Two Print-to-Screens were held in February. Ilo Ilo was shown on 6 February in appreciation of movies in another language while The Hunger Games was shown on 13 February in ode to great romances.


Hissing Snakes, Goodbye Kisses - Make way for the Galloping Horses!

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Staff of Canberra Secondary School celebrated Chinese New Year during Happy Hour on 10 February 2014.  The programme started off with the Loh Hei.  Mr Chen Jia Liang gave a step-by-step guide on the meaning and process of mixing the ingredients.  It generated a lot of laughter as the staff set goals for themselves and the school.  The next item was creating Chinese proverbs using the Chinese brush by our non-Chinese colleagues and designing a poster to represent the year of the horse using some craft materials supplied.  That generated another interesting journey of discovery of hidden talents.  Finally it ended with a buffet where the staff had a fulfilling feast.


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